Sunday, November 4, 2007

Welcome To The Rain Forest

The rain forest is a jungle, right? And vice-versa. Welcome to The Red Skull, a blog dedicated to evaluating old music with a critical eye. I guess I should explain that a little more. By old music, I'm not limiting this to classic rock or anything exclusively "old". Maybe old is the wrong word.

I started this blog in the hopes of this being a collaborative site where music writers can work on things other than new or upcoming releases. The overwhelming majority of music sales today are from back catalogs, so I think now is a perfect time to begin turning a fresh eye to this music.

As it stands, I'm the only writer on this blog, that will hopefully change soon. Of course, you're invited to submit work and become a writer. The only criteria being that the record(s) in question can't be from the last two years. This isn't necessarily a nostalgia page either, I fully plan on expressing disappointment or outright contempt.

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