Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday from Sweden!




Today is my friend Jenny’s birthday. It got me thinking about different albums I’ve gotten for birthdays over the years. Whenever I listen to these albums, they’re always a little bit special to me. In my mind, I always remember who gave them to me and it flavors the way I listen to them. I know things have been a little slow over here lately, but I’m going to try to do a few posts on albums I’ve gotten for my birthday.

Kingwood is Millencolin’s sixth studio album. Jenny gave me this album for my 30th birthday. It is packed full with the sound we’ve come to expect from Millencolin: A delightfully Scandanavian take on American west-coast skate punk. As has been the case since 1999’s For Monkeys, the ska upstroke is absent from this incarnation of the Millencolin experience. Expect driving 4/4 beats with moderate distortion and poppy guitar hooks. The whole thing is driven by Nikola’s vocals lightly accented vocals.

The Swedish group has sped up their attack since Pennybridge Pioneers and Home From Home, to the delight of their fans. Familiar themes of positivity (“Ray”) the band’s musical heroes (“Mooseman’s Jukebox”), and the true nature of friendship (“Hard Times”) are found throughout.

Happy Birthday, Jenny! And thank you for this nice album!

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